How to use the primary colours in you home...

So, this time we are jumping in to colours.

Starting off with the primary colours and how to use them in interior design.


Red is a colour of passion, it is in the red flowers for valentine and its is also linked to food - as tomato, chilli and berries - it is a strong colour also used in signalling danger and attention… which is exactly what it demands in the room - attention!

Red however is also a colour to be uses in moderations and with intent. It takes a lot of the attention in a room and can fast become tacky and somewhat dark and signal too much sensuality. Having said this, Red can also be AMAZING used in the right way… If you use it as a highlight or accessory colour it can really bring power to your interior.

Another great way is to pair it with a cooler shades of blue to bring the fiery side of red down or tone it down with softer variants as orange and soft purple.


The colour of the sky and the sea - it has a calming undertone which is why it is often seen used in bath products and as decorations in a bathroom.

It is also a very majestic colour - ranging from the dramatic cobalt blue over to soft pastel colours. If you use blue it can really bring a grand feeling or a calm and fresh feeling to a room. Use a strong cobalt blue to create a dramatic feature wall in your living room with strong colour, or tone it down to use as a colour touch where it will bring a beautiful colour touch to a white or black kitchen e.g.


Yellow is the colour of sunshine, it brightens up the room and will make you think of sunflowers and cornfields. Yellow has a wide spectrum - it can be zesty like lemon colour or more toned down like mustard…- it can also be a majestic colour in the room and is the perfect partner of brown as this has a yellow tone, or white which will make the yellow pop and give it that majestic attribute.

Yellow will definitely brighten up your room and therefore in a north facing room which has less light during the afternoon it will be a great colour to choose.


One colour which is not a primary colour but VERY worth mentioning - and often used in interior decorating is green. Green is connected to nature but also spirituality. Walking though a forest makes you feel the green tones relax you and its is also the colour often used with ecological products and mentioned in my earlier blogs. Green with it natural relaxing nature is also a great choice for a living room or a bedroom where you would won’t to come and relax be the end of a long day.

I hope these little inputs of colour ideas and theory will help you feel more comfortable when choosing colours for your interior decorating.

Next time I will look closer at exact examples of how these colours can be used in a room and also tips and tricks for finding inspiration.

Have a wonderful colourful day