Personal style - can you get it from a catalog?

I have spent a lot of time over the years on Instagram and reading design magazines, ( which I both still enjoy - just in a different way) I use to look at the images of perfectly set-up rooms or houses and thought to myself, I want that style or this style.. but nothing ever really felt like my home once I got those certain images 'copied', it always felt like it needed more or was a wrong fit after all.

- Then I realised that personal style can not be taken from a magazine - don't get me wrong - you can certainly get inspiration from a time period as e.g 1950 or a certain design style as art deco, but if you don't take this inspiration and make it your own, adding items of meaning or colors you enjoy looking at each day, then the room will lack soul, as it will never truly capture the essence of you and your family living there. 

Your personal style is ever changing and evolving, it is the story of you and your family, therefore it grows with you - telling the visual story of your life. 

So, when you flick through Pinterest or other image sources, looking to find your personal interior design style, remember to look for a platform to tap into and hinge your personal style on -  not a final style.