Kähler Design

Hammershøi Vase - Deep green 25.5cm


From the very beginning in 1839, the Kähler workshop in the Danish town of Næstved was an artistic playground for numerous renowned artists. There, they were given the liberty to let their imagination run free and experiment with techniques relating to ceramics and glazes.

"We are passionate about what we do and we want to inspire people to decorate their homes in a warm, stylish and personal way. Always of the highest quality, we aim to create playful yet timeless classics that people want to give a special place in their homes. Timeless classics to be used not only for those special occasions but also in their everyday lives – in short, we design for life." as stated by the brand.

This beautiful vase, combines classic design with a deep warm modern colour.

It is 25 cm tall and the glaze has a glossy finish. 

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